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Manufacturers Represented

Aquionics - Channel and In Pipe UV systems
  • OpenLine™ UV Systems for Concrete Channels
  • InLine™ UV Systems for In Pipe Service
  • AF3™ Single Lamp Units for Wells or Plants up to 600 GPM
Aerator Solutions Floating Aerators & Mixers
  • ECOJET™ Floating Aerators
  • ECOJET™ Floating Mixers
  • ECODOME™ Fixed or Floating Hyperbaric Dome Aerators
  • - Up to 4-6 lbs of O2/hp/hr in wastewateer per GA Tech Testing
  • All units for use in SBR's, Lagoons, Extended Aeration,
  • Aerobic Digesters,Sludge Holding, & Oxidation Ditches
Atlas - Intake traveling water screens and rakes
  • Tru Flow™ and Dual Flow™ Intake Water Screens
  • Smart Screen™ Fish Friendly Technology
  • Atlas-Landy Rake™ Gripper for Multi-Screen Cleaning
  • Bar Racks
BDP - BFP, GBTS & Screw Presses
  • 3DP™ Three Belt Filter Presses
  • Gravity Belt Thickeners
  • Dual Duty (Thickening-Dewatering) Drum-Screw Press
  • Gravity Drum Concentrators
Biorem -  Odor Control Biofilters and H2S Sweetening
  • Total Odor Control with Permanent Media
  • Biocube™ and Basys™ Biofilters
  • Mytilus™ Biotrickling Filters
  • Combined Two-stage Biofilter-Biotrickler Systems
  • Biogas Sweeting systems for High H2S Removal
Blower Engineering -  Tri-lobe PD Blowers and accesorties, Package Units
  • Tri-lobe Positive Displacement Blowers
  • Open Blower Packages with Silencers
  • Completely Enclosed Blower Packages with Easy Access
BlueInGreen -  Collection System Odor Control and Pressurized Dissolved Oxygen Aeration
  • Non Chemical prevention of corrosion in collection lines,and elimination H2S with Rapid Delivery of oxygen into a side-stream solution
  • Pressurized Aeration for improved dissolved oxygen levels in lakes, ponds,reservoir or wastewater discharge post aeration
  • Disinfection of drinking water and wastewater with Hyper-concentrated Dissolved Ozone
Concord Screen - Water Intake Drum Screens with Airburst
  • Wedgewire Drum Water Screens with Airburst Cleaning
  • Manual and Automatic Filters and Strainers
Cordell Mfg.  -  Dumpster-Veyor Container positioning system
  • Automatic Sludge Containers Positioning Systems
  • Prevents Spills and Allows Even Filling
  • Avoids Personnel Entry into Container
Eutek - Advanced Grit Removal, Washing and Dewatering
  • Headcell® and Grit King® for High Efficiency Grit Removal
  • TeaCup® Grit Removal or Organics Grit Washing
  • GritSnail® or Grit Decanter for Grit Dewatering
  • SlurryCup™ Sludge Degritting or Organics Grit Washing
  • Hydro-Sludge™ Screen Pressurized In-Line screening Unit
Fluidyne - Jet Aeration & Fixed Plate Cloth Filter
  • Jet aeration systems and SBR’s
  • Fixed Plate Cloth Filter with Backwash by Gravity (No Pumps)
  • SAM – Surge Anoxic Mix treatment system for BOD, TSS,N Removal with sludge reduction
Gooch Thermal  Systems - Spiral Heat Exchangers
    Gooch Thermal Systems
  • Spiral Heat Exchangers
  • Thin film, wiped film and short path evaporators
Gryphon - Compact & Energy Saving Sludge Dryers
  • Closed loop air system dryer
  • Energy savingsof ~40-50%
  • Drying of digested, undigested primary, WAS or mixed sludge
  • Production of Class A or EQ Biosolids
Harn R/O Systems - RO & Membranes for Desal, & Water or Wastewater Treatment
    Turn Key, design/build delivery and pilot testing for:
  • Reverse Osmosis, NF, UF, and MF Membrane Systems
  • Desalination, and Water Reuse Systems
  • Water, and Wastewater Systems
Hungerford & Terry  - Advanceded Water Treatment & Filtraton
    Hungerford & Terry Inc.
  • Nitrate, Arsenic, and Radium Removal
  • Iron & Manganese Removal
  • Softening & Water Softeners
  • Forced Draft and Vacuum Degasifiers
  • Demineralizers
Hydro  International - Wet Weather and Stormwater flow control systems
  • Stormwater Vortex Separators for Runoff Sediment Removal
  • Reg-U-Flo™ Vortex Valves Flow Control Self Activating valves
  • Static and Mechanical Self Cleaning Screens
  • Vortex Drop Shaft Flow Control for Deep Tunnels
Hydro-Dyne - Band Screens, Compactors and Grit Removal Systems
  • Band / Belt Screens with Low Carry Over of Screenings
  • Perforated Panel, Laced Links, Woven Mesh, or UHMW Panels
  • Compactors and Septage Receiving Stations
  • Vortex Grit Removal Units and Grit Classifiers
Hydro-Thermal - Direct Steam Injection
  • Direct Steam Injectors for Heat Transfer
  • Steam Transfers Energy More Rapidly Than Indirect Exchangers
  • Steam Injection Provides 100% Thermal Efficiency.
KWS - Screw, Belt & Bucket Conveyors
  • Vertical and Horizontal Shafted and Shaftless Screw Conveyors
  • Storage Bins, Silos, Hoppers and Live Bottoms
  • Troughing & Flex Wall Belt Conveyors
  • Bucket Elevators
  • Thermal Screw Processor for Lime Stabilization Systems
Metawater - Ozone generators and Ceramic Membranes
  • Formerly Fuji Electric
  • Double Cooled and Durable Ozone Generators
  • Low Power Consumption and High Ozone Production
  • Ceramic Membranes for High Quality Water Reuse, Backwash Recovery, and Wastewater Reuse
Midwestern Fabricators - FRP Covers and Duct work
  • FRP Covers: Segmented Dome, Composite Flat and Arch Style
  • FRP ductwork and Volume Control Dampers
  • FRP Troughs,Weirs and baffles
  • FRP Tanks and Pressure/Vacuum Vessels
Enviroquip - OVIVO - PAD Aerobic Digestion, Single Drop Aeration Diffusers, Mebrane Thickeners, Flat Plate MBRs
    OVIVO Enviroquip MBR Products ONLY

  • MBRs with Recognized / Approved Water Reuse Quality
  • Less Stringent Headworks / Screening Requirements
  • Membrane Thickening, PAD™ Aerobic Digestion Process
  • MicroBlox Complete Plant Packaged MBRs
  • High Solids MBRs ECOBLOX™ @ 3% MLSS
Enviroquip - OVIVO - PAD Aerobic Digestion, Single Drop Aeration Diffusers, Mebrane Thickeners, Flat Plate MBRs
    OVIVO Eimco Water Technologies Products

    Headworks and Primary Treatment
  • Detritor™, Aerated Grit, AerPlate™ Grit Removal
  • Clarifiers with Long Life Oil Lube Cast Iron Drives
  • Biological and Tertiary Treatment
  • Carrousel® Oxidation Ditches and BNR Systems with Aerators and DO, ORP, Ammonia, pH and TSS Controls
  • Carrousel® AlternatIR™ System Total Nitrogen and Bio-P Removal in One Basin
  • Cleartec™ Fixed Media IFAS, Rotary Distributors
  • Traveling Bridge Filters
  • Anaerobic Digestion and Sludge Processes
  • Digester Steel Covers and Draft Tube Mixers
  • Power Saving Linear Motion- LM™ Mixer
  • Ultrastore™ On Slab or Tank Membrane Gasholders
  • Sonolyzer™ Ultrasound Disintegration for Anaerobic Digestion Enhancement and BNR Optimization
  • DAF, and Gravity Thickeners
  • Water Ttreatment
  • Flocsillator™ Oscillating or Horizontal Paddle Flocculators
  • Reactor Clarifier™ Solids Contact Clarifier
  • TracVac™ Sludge Collectors, Sludge Thickeners
  • Flexscour® Stainless Filter Underdrains
  • CastKleen® Filter Cast In-Place Filter Underdrain
  • ScourGuard™ Stainless BackWash Troughs and Baffles
  • FlexKlear® Fixed or Adjustable Inclined Plate Settlers
PCI - On-site Oxygen Generators
  • Portable Oxygen Generators
  • State-of-the-art Vacuum Swing Adsorption (VSA) process for Simpler Operation, Energy Savings and Lower Maintenance
  • Proven applications for Collection System Odor & Corrosion Control and AS or MBR Process Aeration
Spencer Turbine - Cast Iron Blowers, Gas boosters
  • Power Mizer™ Cast Iron Centrifugal Blowers
  • Ayrjet™ Single Stage Turbo Fan High Speed Blowers
  • Regenerative Blowers
  • DO Control Systems, and Digester Gas Boosters
 Tank Connection -  Steel Tanks
    Tank Connection is the only tank manufacturer worldwide that offers all four types of steel tank construction
  • Bolted RTP (Rolled, Tapered Panel) Tanks
  • Field-Weld Steel Tanks
  • Shop-Weld Steel Tanks
  • Hybrid Tank (Bolted, & Field welded construction)
  • Aluminum Geodesic Domes
Tech 3 Solutions - CHP Engine Generators 70 kWw to 3 MW
  • Internal Combustions Engines (ICEs) Cogeneration systems
  • Engine Generators from 70 kW to 4 MW
  • Designed for highest electrical efficiency and thermal power
Tenco Hydro - Rectangular and Circular DAF units in Pre-assembled and Integrated packages
  • Rectangular and Circular DAF Units
  • Pre-assembled and Integrated Packages Available
  • Grease and Scum Concentrators
Unison Solutions - Biogas Cleaning and Conditioning, Microturbines
  • Biogas Conditioning (H2S, Siloxanes, Drying)
  • Distributed Generation with Microturbines
  • Systems for Landfills, WWTPs and Industries
Varec Biogas - Biogas Safety Handling Equipment and Flares
  • Biogas Safety and Handling Equipment
  • Gas Control, Cover Equipment and Flare Systems
  • Iron Sponge Biogas H2S Removal
Viking Chain - Rectangular Clarifiers, Grit Removal And DAFs
  • Chain & Flight Rectangular Clarifiers
  • DAFs and Grit Collectors
  • Non metalic, Stainless Steel and Cast Iron Components
Vulcan Industries - Screens, Compactors Grit Removal
  • Mensch Crawler™ Heavy Duty Bar Screens
  • Multi-Rake VMR Bar Screens
  • Stair / Step and Rotary Drum Fine Screens
  • Screenings Conveying Sluice Troughs
  • Washing Press and Screw Press Compactors
  • Vortex Grit Removal and Tulip Grit Washing
  • Rotary Drum Thickeners
 Warminster Fiberglass - Fiberglass Buildings and Enclosures, Weirs, Baffles
  • Fiberglass Buildings and Enclosures
  • Weirs, Baffles, Troughs, and Parshall Flumes
  • Walkable Outward Opening Odor Control / Algae Covers
WEMCO Pump- Screw Impeller, Non Cog, Self Priming, Chopper and Grit handling pumps
  • Screw Impeller Centrifugal RAS/WAS Pumps
  • Self-Priming Solids Handling Trash Pumps
  • Non-Clog Pumps with Extra large Clean Out Port
  • Chopper Pumps with External Adjustable Cutter Bar
  • Pre-Rotation Systems for Complete Sump Pumping
  • Hydrogritter Grit Classifier and Cyclone
  • Model C Heavy Duty Vortex Slurry and Grit Pumps
  • Split Case High Efficiency Centrifugal Water Pumps
Whipps - Fabricated Stainless Steel and Aluminum Gates, Stop Logs
  • Stainless Steel and Aluminum Sluice, Weir and Diverter Gates
  • Stop Logs, Flap Gates, Butterfly Gates and Tilting Weirs
  • Telescoping Valves