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Wastewater Products HRM
Text Box: Wastewater Treatment  and Solids Plant Processes
Text Box: Screening
Vulcan Stair ScreenText Box: Grit Removal
EUTEk - Hydro Intl HeadCell, SlurryCup, Grit Snail Viking Rectangular ClariferEimco WT Circular Primary ClariferText Box: Biological and BNR Processes   
EIMCO WT Carrousel SystemText Box: Secondary Clarification
Eimco WT C4S Spiral Blade ClarifierText Box: Tertiary Treatment
Text Box: Disinfection
SSI Fine Bubble Teflon Coated Diffusers Koch Membrane Puron MBR Koch Membrane Puron Ultra FiltrationPSI MicroClor NAOCl Generation Text Box: Primary Clarification
Text Box: Pumping


Text Box: Headworks
Wemco Immersible Non Clog or Screw PumpsViking Rectangular Clarifer Text Box: Biosolids Thickening & Dewatering
Text Box: Solids Stabilization (Digestion)